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Requirement Planning and Matching Consultation

In the requirements planning phase, we meet with your team to identify objectives of the application or system and to identify information requirements arising from those objectives. This phase requires intense involvement from both groups; it is not just signing off on a proposal or document. In addition, it may involve users from different levels of the organization. It is ideal that during this team, communication is fluent between us and the CIO or Project Sponsor so that the strategic aims of the organization can be clearly defined. The orientation in this phase is toward solving business problems. Although information technology and systems may even drive some of the solutions proposed, the focus will always remain on reaching business goals.

Project Management

"Software project management is the art and science of planning and leading software projects. It is a sub-discipline of project management in which software projects are planned, implemented, monitored and controlled."

The purpose of project planning is to identify the scope of the project, estimate the work involved, and create a project schedule. Project planning begins with requirements that define the software to be developed. The project plan is then developed to describe the tasks that will lead to completion.

The purpose of project monitoring and control is to keep the team and management up to date on the project's progress. If the project deviates from the plan, then the project manager can take action to correct the problem. Project monitoring and control involves status meetings to gather status from the team. When changes need to be made, change control is used to keep the products up to date.

SMART Technologies will assign an internal project manager who will be responsible for the overall project management and monitoring of this process. The SMART Technologies designated individual, in concert with your designated project manager(s) will provide the oversight to insure the successful execution of planned strategies.  This will include the necessary scheduling of SMART Technologies resources to insure their availability at the appropriate time throughout the duration of the project.

SMART Technologies project manager will ensure the successful implementation of the proposed solution(s) through the development of an overall implementation strategy, development of an implementation plan, including allocation of needed resources, project timeline, staging and scheduling, task management, documentation and tracking project meetings.

Data Mapping and Importation

A Data Mapping Specification is a special type of data dictionary that shows how data from one information system maps to data from another information system. We will migrate your source data to our new target database repository. Essentially a data mapping specification will analyze, on a field-by-field basis, how to move data from your source data to our system.

Creating a Data Mapping Specification requires discovering and resolving potential issues prior to the data mapping being implemented. In data migrations and integrations, any number of differences between how data is stored can cause data to be lost or mis-represented.

SMART Technologies during project implementation will provide data mapping and importation services for the standard input data to create employee profiles.

Software and Server Installation

SMART Technologies installation team will setup your:

  • System server with SQL database software and application server
  • Client workstation which users access to use the application.

Installation files will be provided along with a step by step guide to enable onsite support by your designated technical representative.

Time Clock and Network Installation

SMART Technologies technical team will assist with:

  • Installation of networking cable and/or any equipment such as UPS or POE adapter
  • Installation of the physical time clock device

For installation to be done efficiently, the site where the time clock will be posted must have 110V power and ethernet connectivity within at least 5 feet of the proposed site.

User Training and Support

SMART Technologies offers on-site training classes to those customers who feel better served by training at their facility.. On-site training classes allow the flexibility of adapting the class duration and training topics to those most applicable to the customer's environment, while also allowing for the training of multiple users without asking them to travel away from their work environments.

SMART Technologies provides training for both power users of the system as well as employee workshops so they are on board with the implementation process. Many systems are forced upon employees and users without education, we ensure all parties understand fully the objectives of the solution as well as how they will benefit over time.

Our training process includes:

  • On screen projection of the system in the training classroom
  • Access to the system to users so they can follow the presenter and interact with the system
  • Walk around to users to ensure they understand fully
  • One-one-one training with user in their departments working on the actual system with live data assisting them to complete their tasks

We also do post training evaluations to identify:

  • If users understand the material that was thought
  • Was the presenter clear and presented the information properly
  • Does any user require additional or one-on-one session
  • Does any user see any improvements that we can implement to either improve our training technique of features in the system
  • Is the user confident now to use the system on their own
Software Support and Maintenance

SMART Technologies provides software support and maintenance services to ensure customers receive timely support and our solutions are constantly upgraded with new features and technologies. We will ensure we keep our solutions in good working order in accordance with its service policies and furnish on-call maintenance. Some services include:

  1. Keep an off-site copy of original or modified application installation and source package
  2. Remedial work in response to customer notification of malfunctions
  3. Release to customers upgrades of the software
  4. Telephone support via our listed office numbers and mobile numbers of systems consultants.

SMART Technologies essentially ensure our solutions are current and meet the needs of our clients fully and provide expert technical support.

Hardware Protection and Maintenance

SMART Technologies provide integrated hardware components that work with our software solutions such as:

  • Combination functions Time Clocks which used fingerprint, pin codes, proximity cards, key fobs or facial scanning cameras
  • UPS, POE or other fail safe devices
  • Computers and servers

To ensure optimal system performance, we will provide annual maintenance service to ensure all necessary software and hardware upgrades are in place. In addition, this service will guarantee replacement of any damaged or non-functioning equipment covered under this policy. We will also visit your site at least once each month to do onsite system and hardware checks and provide feedback on your system performance.






Software Customization and Report Writing

SMART Technologies provides ERP Human Resource Management solutions. Many companies use other applications for production, administration and finance that require integration. SMART Technologies provides programming services allowing our system to integrate with other system your company uses. We can customize:

  • Integration modules allowing system to exchange information
  • Customize reports to pull data for analysis in SQL or Crystal Reports
  • Creation of new software modules to execute business processes
  • Enhancement of existing modules to achieve greater efficiency

Any customization normally takes place during the software implementation process. This process needs key attention and commitment to ensure integration success.

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